July 23, 2018


I'm a huge believer in the importance of space and energy. But, in school this is MAJOR! Especially if you have a roommate, the little space you have is important so what better way to create your zin, your vibe with these relaxing, cool laid-back decor ideas.
Gallery Walls are great ways to add your own personal touch to your dorm room. I love them for the simple fact they are simple and chic ways to make your walls stand out. Pick frames in that come in different shapes and sizes to display your favorite photos of family, friends and things that inspire you. Use 3M hooks or strips to attach the frames to the wall for easy removal at the end of the semester.

I love removable decal stickers! They are perfect ways to remind yourself of your favorite inspirational quote, or cool shapes that add unique style to your walls. Decals instantly upgrade your walls and will serve as a great distraction from the drab vibe of a standard dorm room.
Now if you to completely transform your room, you can take the decals a little further and cover the entire wall in removable wallpaper and the wallpaper will peel off clean at the end of the year without fuss.
I love this idea! I'm obsessed with the earthy, succulate vibes so this is up my alley all the way! You can recreate this idea by buying some faux bouquet flowers from (Michaels, A.C Moore, Hobby Lobby etc.) 

Here's how:

  • About 6 fake flower bouquets with around 12 flowers on each (mine are from Hobby Lobby)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Clear fishing line
  • Small nails or pushpins

Dorm room lighting seems to always give off this dull vibe, with string lights nicely draped across the walls or even when made into words or shapes can be great for decor!
I love displaying things that mean something to me, whether it be a ticket stub, photos of family & friends, prints and magazines. This metal grid is perfect for your wall decor in your dorm.

A DIY LED light box for your wall or dresser is perfect for things like inspirational quotes , daily reminder and different fun mantra's!