Vegetable Tricks You Need To Try Now

June 2, 2016

When you think of veggies, you may think of salad and I love me a good hearty salad but, I think we all can agree that eating salads everyday can become boring really fast.

Here are some other ideas to cooking your veggies! 

1. Ditch the bun!

Ditch the bun and opt for lettuce! A lettuce wrap is forsure a healthier choice! This flank steak with cucumber, scallions,and lime-ginger sauce is to die for! Get the recipe here!
Romulo Yanes / Via
2. Quick Roast

Roasting vegetables in the oven is super quick and easy! Roasting the vegetables will give them a perfect caramelized exterior and the flavor will keep the inside so moist and tender. Get the recipe.

3. Getcha' Some Sauce!

Any vegetables that have been seared on a grill will be BOMB! But, if you "getcha' some sauce" immediately you've created a random mix of goodness! Get the recipe.
Mixed Grilled Vegetables with Fontina Fonduta © Christopher Testani