Married at First Sight S3: Vanessa Addresses Tres and His "Playa" Ways [INTERVIEW] PT.1

December 15, 2015

Exactly how extreme would you go for love? Well, these six singles agreed to marrying a stranger! 

The unions were created by a team of four experts: sexologists Dr. Logan Levkoff, psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona, sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz and spiritual advisor Greg Epstein. 

After getting married in front of their family and friends, going on an amazing honeymoon, moving in and living with one another at the end of the experiment, the newlyweds will then have to make the decision to decide to either remaining married or to file for divorce.

The hit show "Married at First Sight" on A&E and FYI is a social experiment which involves three couples who make a covenant to marry one another legally only after meeting for the first time when they walk down the aisle. 

The Valid Lifestyle got to chat with Vanessa, of Vanessa and Tres in honor of tonight's episode airing at 9/8con A&E and FYI

Starting off with wanting to commend you for your bravery and courage to find true love.

"What was your first impression of Tres?" 


I thought Tres seemed nice and personable. It made me optimistic that he was so attentive during our ceremony. 

"Being very sexual individuals did he meet your standards?" 


Are we very sexual? Lol I thought Tres was attractive and I was pleased that the chemistry seemed to be there. 

"When Tres left from the alter for those few seconds what exactly was going through your head?" 


I didn't know what to think. The ceremony was very nerve wrecking and I had a difficult time focusing. I didn't think he was leaving me at the alter at that moment but I definitely wasn't expecting a proposal. It was very thoughtful.

For Tonight's Episode: 

From the previews of tonight's episode Vanessa called Tres a "Playa" after hearing a little about his past. 

I totally understand why you would bring up Tres's past because you want to know exactly what your getting yourself into. But, "Do you believe that a guy can have his "Playa" card revoked?" or "Once a Playa always a Playa?" 


I think I have the right to ask questions when marrying a stranger. I didn't know anything about him. I don't judge people right away but I wanted to know how he conducted himself in prior relationships. I think it just depends on the guy if they can put away their "playa card". It also takes them finding the right woman. 

Thanks to Vanessa for checking in with The Valid Lifestyle & be sure to catch the new episode TUE 9/8con A&E and FYI. Click here to find out Tres responses!